in quelling violence, and called on the publi▓c to stay away from illegal assemblies.For the third straight day, protesters disrupted traffic across Hong Kong. Service along two rail lines was forced to shut down completely and a▓ dozen

stations were closed.Only 100 of the 650 franchised bus routes cou▓ld offer limited service on Wednesday, said Secretary for Transport and Housing Frank Chan Fan.Chan condemned T▓uesday's attacks on several MTR stations. Radicals severe

ly threatened passenger safety as they threw gasoline bombs▓ at moving trains and scattered debris on rail tracks. About 200 traffic lights were also damaged and in need of repair, he added.A group of locals voluntarily cleared bricks an


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safety concerns.The chaotic traffic and dangerous road con▓ditions have made it very difficult for students to▓ attend classes, a bureau spokesperson said in a statement.S

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